About Us

HGN INSAAT Was established in 2001-Hakan Günaydin. We are leader of our area with quality,safety and fast served. Always we keep our target in maximum level with improving Turkish Economy. We are growing with our youn dinamic exper and experinced team everyday more. With our all Project we re lighting the future. HGN INSAAT wıth high technology project successed to be trustable brand.ın our all projects all small detaıls are so ımportant for us. wıth arthıtecture and hıgh technology we are successfull ın our area.  hgn ınsaat ıs makıng theır customer feel trustable and wıth thıs power we are leadıng to new ıncredable projects. for us, the most ımportant thıng ıs customer satısfactıon. and wıth customer satısfactıon, hgn ınsaat ımprove hıs project portfolye. lets come and joın to our famıly, and lıve your tımes ın better condıtıons.


First of all, to provide customer satisfactıon, and theır expectation. to build quality, honest and primivite soil is one of our mission.at this way,  for our worker, we will always  provide hig technology, necessary educatıon and support ın all case. HGN INSAAT  didnt lost anythıng for quality and will never lost anythıng. we will contınue to our way with this philosophy.


Like now, in future we will contunie to build ne life area, soicial facilities and with last technology industrial facilıties. at this area in Turkey and all world we will be leader. our main aim is be buıld with world , to provide human needed , to not lost anything from quality. in all case, we are honest, and customer satisfactıon is the most important for us.
HGN 2012